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Who We Are

Driving Success Through Innovation and Expertise

At Powertek Enterprise, we epitomize innovation and excellence in industrial machinery manufacturing. With a storied history and a legacy of leadership in the field, we’re dedicated to transforming the landscape of manufacturing for small and medium-scale enterprises. Our commitment extends beyond providing cutting-edge machinery – we offer comprehensive support, consultancy, and guidance, empowering entrepreneurs to embark on successful business ventures. Backed by the Industrial Development Department of Kerala, we excel in producing top-quality machinery and customized solutions, meeting the diverse needs of businesses. Powertek Enterprise is more than a manufacturer; we’re partners in your journey, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality in the realm of industrial machinery and manufacturing.

Hareesh Kumar

Managing Director

Our Director

Offering convenient access to top-notch industrial machinery, our focus spans over the past decade, marked by significant political and economic shifts. Our achievements stand out, not merely in financial terms, but in our dedicated pursuit of comprehending our clients’ businesses and requirements deeply. Urgency defines our approach in addressing our clients’ challenges, striving relentlessly to surpass their expectations. Our mission is to reinvigorate all sectors of the economy, fostering self-sufficiency in India to adeptly handle future circumstances.

Expertise and Legacy

Years of expertise, rich history—Powertek: your trusted leader in industrial machinery solutions.

Comprehensive Support

We sell more than machines; we ensure your business success with complete support.

Why Choose Us

Your Path to Manufacturing Success

Choose Powertek Enterprise for unparalleled expertise in industrial machinery, dedicated support, and a legacy of empowering businesses. We pave the way for your manufacturing success with top-tier solutions and comprehensive guidance.

Quality and Innovation

Quality machinery, innovation for top-notch manufacturing, staying ahead in competitive markets assured.

Client-Focused Strategy

Your success matters. Tailored solutions and understanding your needs define our reliable partnership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize industrial manufacturing by empowering SMEs with innovative solutions and unmatched support, fostering growth, and shaping a dynamic future in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with innovative industrial machinery and comprehensive support, driving the success of small and medium-scale businesses in the manufacturing landscape.

Innovating Industry Solutions

Revolutionizing manufacturing through innovative machinery and comprehensive support for business success.