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    Paper Bag Machine, Hollow Blocks Machine-No.1 Industrial Machinery Manufacturer in Kerala

    Powertek Enterprise, industrial machinery manufacturer in Kerala has a long history in the field of industrial machinery manufacturing. We have been leaders in the industrial machine industry for many years and are known for our innovative steps in the small and medium scale business ventures. We are very proud of our achievements as an Industrial leader In helping SMEs setting up their new business horizons. Consult us Today to Start Your Own Business Venture in Paper Bag Making,

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    Paper Bag Machine-Why is Paper Bag Making Relevant And Profitable Today?

    As the environmentally friendly concept is gaining popularity in society, the use of Paper Bags has become mandatory. People have started realizing the harmful effects of plastics, and the government provides immense support for making and selling eco-friendly products.

    This drastic change in the mentality of people and the government has become a great help for small entrepreneurs to kickstart the Paper Bag Making business. Paper Bags are widely used in many fields these days. From Shopping bags to Medical Bags to even other paper products, everyone is eventually switching to sustainable options. Read More

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    Hollow Blocks Machine-Hollow Blocks Manufacturing Business

    In building construction, hollow concrete blocks are used to replace traditional bricks and stones, and using the right hollow blocks machine can yield multiple benefits. Concrete blocks, unlike clay-baked bricks, are less expensive, easier to handle, lighter in weight, and, most significantly, environmentally benign. They have the advantages of uniform quality, faster building speed, lower labor participation, and longer durability when compared to traditional bricks. Hollow concrete blocks are becoming more popular in buildings because of their advantages. The void area of hollow concrete blocks is greater than 25% of the total area. Hollow bricks should have a solid area of more than 50%. Depending on our needs, the hollow part might be separated into numerous components. Lightweight aggregates are used to make them. The concrete mortar is compressed into the moulds and the concrete blocks are formed using pressure and vibration in a hollow blocks machine.

    The hollow bricks or cement bricks manufacturing business using an ideal hollow blocks machine is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. The global concrete hollow block and brick manufacturing market is being driven by the rise of the building and construction industry. The demand for concrete hollow blocks,paving blocks and hollow blocks machine are being fueled by the requirement for new housing units to meet the residential needs of emerging countries’ rising populations. Read More


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