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November 18, 2022

3 Easy to Start Business Ideas

Top 3 Easy to Start Businesses In Kerala with an Investment Under 10 Lakhs

Entrepreneurship isn’t about coming up with the next big idea, but rather making it happen in a way that no one else has. One cannot run out of business ideas, but the right one must be chosen to start a business in Kerala. Keeping your business running requires finding interesting methods to keep it going. Growing a business in Kerala can be done in many ways. Marketing your business, selecting a target market, and identifying a niche can all be done by advertising and promotional companies. The successful businesses in Kerala are influenced by all of these factors.

The financial aspects of launching a business in Kerala are also crucial. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have much money to set up your own company. It is possible to start a business with an investment of fewer than 10 lakhs and reap substantial rewards. In this article, we focus on three manufacturing businesses that are easy to start and grow and that cost less than 10 lakhs. 

Paper Bag Making Business in Kerala

A small-scale paper bag-making business requires a small investment and is one of the best businesses in kerala to start. It is necessary for a business to have equipment, land, and labour in order to succeed. In order to buy a fully automatic machine for making paper bags, you’ll have to pay between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 8 lakh. The price is determined by the production capacity. It is possible to start a business in Kerala and produce around 15,000 paper bags per hour with a fully automatic paper bag machine. Alternatively, you can purchase a semi-automatic machine for making paper bags for less than Rs 3 lakh. Its production capacity is lower than that of an automatic paper bag machine, so you will have to rely more on labour. For the manual paper bag machine, the price is around Rs 50,000. It is essential that all raw materials are in the right quantity for a smooth production process.

There are many practical uses for paper bags in the industry, such as for packing food items and groceries, as medicine covers, shopping bags, and paper bags specifically for industrial uses. As a  leading manufacturer of paper bag machines in Kerala, Powertek Enterprises introduces some of the most exceptional and profitable paper bag machines on the market and this is one among the best businesses in kerala. Having an environmentally friendly future is actually the need of the hour, and we must find ways to protect the environment. Both the central and state governments, government subsidies on loans range from 35% to 45% for starting such a small business in kerala. There are paper rolls available on the market that can be used as raw materials for starting a paper bag business. Other than that, all other work in making a paper bag is automated and performed in the machine. In order to start a paper bag-making business in Kerala, you will need to invest 3 lakhs as an initial investment. A single operator can operate the paper bags making machine independently and will be able to produce 1.5 lakhs of paper bags per day. 

Hollow Blocks Making Business in Kerala

Investing in a hollow brick machine or cement brick machine presents a great opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to start a business in Kerala. In line with the growing building and construction industry, the global market for concrete hollow blocks and bricks is expected to grow as well.There are different types of hollow blocks machines available from Powertek with prices ranging between Rs 4 lakhs and Rs 6 lakhs in order to initiate a hollow bricks manufacturing business in Kerala. Concrete hollow blocks are in high demand due to the growing population of emerging countries, which is fueling the demand for hollow blocks machines as well.

Increasing demand for hollow bricks in recent years necessitates streamlining the manufacturing process and it is one of the best businesses in kerala to start. Compared with hand-made hollow bricks, Powertek offers hollow block machines that produce hollow bricks at a much faster rate.  This reduces labour costs and increases efficiency. Powertek enterprises introduces two types of hollow blocks machines. Hydraulic hollow block machines, the machine works by using hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic hollow block machines are popular because of the cheap price and easier to handle. And the other one is Pneumatic Hollow Block Machines, the machine that uses compressed air to produce hollow bricks. Price is usually higher than the previous one and has a  longer lifespan.

Paving Tiles and Blocks Making Business In Kerala

Another profitable business in Kerala that can be started is paving tiles manufacturing businesses. Block paving is a popular and versatile surface option, which can be made from many materials, such as clay and concrete. There is a precise size and shape for blocks and paving tiles, which are generally square and quadrilateral. In accordance with the user’s preference, they can be placed in simple or twisted positions. Global demand for block paving is being driven by its rapid installation, excellent durability, and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, it enhances the appearance of a property, so it has become a common alternative to concrete and asphalt surfacing and opt as one of the No 1 businesses in kerala. Concrete and clay building brick demand has further driven the arcade market.

With organized vendors, paving tiles and blocks are more accessible, thereby enhancing the market’s development potential. Global trade is promoting the entry of a large number of retail stores, including superstores, hypermarkets, and specialty stores. Convenience and comfort have gradually become priorities for consumers due to frantic lifestyles and work schedules. As a result, large prearranged retail stores now offer more varieties and brands of paving tiles under one roof, giving consumers a bigger choice of paving tiles.

Before starting a business in Kerala, you must determine how much capital you need to operate it. Furthermore, you must conduct thorough research into the applicable laws and tertiary forces that determine how much capital you will need for establishment. You must also determine how you will spend that capital to start a business in kerala. As soon as you have collected all of this information, you will be able to determine which business opportunity to pursue your start-up business in Kerala.

Powertek Enterprises manufacture industrial machines for small businesses in Kerala, which are among the best in India. Over the past two decades, the company has earned a reputation for innovation and hard work. We manufacture the latest in European technology for our main products, which include manufacturing equipment, paving tiles making machine, hollow brick-making machines, and paper bag makers. Business success is determined by the time and effort you put into it. Keeping businesses afloat requires innovative solutions. The first thing you need to do before starting a business in Kerala is to research the market and target audience. Managing and administering the business effectively will require appropriate management and administration systems once the business plan has been implemented. A thorough examination should be conducted of all necessary legal documents and papers for the establishment of the businesses in Kerala. These documents should be submitted to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner. It is possible to find a niche for your business by working with advertising and promotional companies. A successful business is characterized by all of these factors. Make your business ideas a reality with a 10 lakh investment. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to getting your big break.


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