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April 18, 2022

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Everything You Need To Know About Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

People all around the world today are increasingly concerned with environmental safety. Paper bags are increasingly used at all levels by society today as there has been a reduction in the use of plastic bags. For this reason, paper bag machines have become quite popular. We are seeing a shift towards more environmentally friendly paper bags. Bulk orders of paper bags must be catered to by these machines in order to satisfy retailers, customers, vendors, and the like. Among Powertek Enterprises’ extensive inventory of high-quality grocery paper bag making machines, we have a range of models and sizes that are able to accommodate all sizes, shapes, and designs needed by our clients. Essentially, a paper bag machine comes with state-of-the-art machinery that gathers, folds, stamps, and processes papers to make clean paper bags. These paper bags are used for packaging goods across a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, grocery, and baking.

A Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine produces flat and satchel paper bags from materials such as kraft paper, greaseproof, white paper, and poster paper, etc. Designed to make square bottom paper bags, the Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag  Machine is unique in its kind. Manufacturers developed it in order to solve problems associated with older systems and processing of older versions of paper bag machines. The majority of its operations are automated to ensure efficiency. The paper bag machine’s operational basis makes it the ideal tool for accurately gathering raw materials, folding them, stamping them, and finally processing them quickly at high speeds. The square bottom paper bag making machine is built using leading-edge technologies to maximize its performance. When we discuss fully automatic paper bag machines, we mean that most of their provisions are computer-driven. A Touch Screen and PC control system make it possible for the paper bag  machine to show the progress of the work in real time. 

  • Programmed  Counting System – The paper bag making machine includes an automatic counting function. The device does this by ejecting the right quantity of paper bags set from the system once the user enters the number.
  • Colour Mark Tracking System – This ensures that the paper bags are cut precisely based on the print pattern after printing.

With a densely designed mechanical transmission, the material is reliably passed, mechanical characteristics are improved, and the paper bags have a superior aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, the paper bag machine has an entirely automatic operation. A human operator is only necessary to refill the raw materials, collect the final products, and type in the commands. It is important to know that even fully automatic paper bag making machines differ in how they work depending on what type of paper bag they process.

The square bottom paper bag-making machine uses rolling paper as a raw material to make its bags. Using 100 percent biodegradable paper, it creates paper bags for shopping and food storage. This is the machine responsible for manufacturing those square-bottomed paper bags. Its flexibility makes it possible to incorporate multiple techniques in its operation, such as:

  • Bottom folding
  • Bottom gluing
  • Bottom forming
  • Side gluing
  • Roll paper cutting,
  • Roll folding etc.

Automated with a computerized programmable system and a servo motor, these paper bag machines are operated and controlled automatically. It produces a variety of specifications of paper bags, and it comes with a touch screen display beside it.


  • The progress of the operations in the paper bag machine is displayed through a touch screen interface.
  • It is equipped with a servo motor drive that makes the paper bag machine run faster and more smoothly.
  • The product is durable and energy-efficient.
  • Pneumatic lift structures are used to regulate material lifting.
  • Lubricating oil is supplied automatically and accurately by this device.

In a  Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine, there are usually many parts and segments. Each segment plays a specific role during the manufacturing process. For a paper bag making process to run smoothly, all of these components need to be interdependent.

Let’s examine these sections in more detail and see what role they play during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the Paper Bag Making Machine can be broadly divided into the following parts and components.


Structure refers to how a paper bag machine looks from the outside. This arrangement is generally predetermined in terms of size and shape. Mechanical shields are used to protect the inner sections and components of the device. The shield encloses the interior components to prevent mechanical damage. This allows the paper bag making machine to acquire suitable dimensions and sizes.


It is the area of the paper bag machine where raw materials enter. The feeding part is the place where raw materials are inserted into the paper bag making machine. Here is the unwound tube-fed flexible packaging film from a feeder roll. In the process of making paper bags, a roll of film is passed through a series of steps, including heating, sealing, cutting, and combing. Throughout the process, the film is fed into the feeding rolls. Afterward, it is fed into the feeder section. Rollers on feeders are lined with rubber and pressed against each other by pneumatic cylinders.


The feed rollers deliver the raw materials to the feeders once they have been filled. These materials are simultaneously provided to the sealers and cutters via the feeders. Feeders ensure that the correct size paper bags are fed. In addition, they work in conjunction with the print mark sensors to accurately supply the printed web.


The main section of the paper bag machine that is used to control or drive is the Control Unit. It is integral to the whole operation of the paper bag making machine. In order to accomplish this, the machine’s control system must be more technologically advanced. In addition to the touch screen display, the control unit includes servo motor control on the mainframe. You can set various operational parameters on the touch screen display, such as the bag length or the machine speed. Further, you can monitor the paper bag making process on the touch screen display as well.


Discharge racks at the end of the paper bag machine are the ultimate end section. Racks are made up of stackers or conveyor belts. They usually come in different configurations depending on the paper bag making machine design. Depending on the machine, the bags can be stacked and transferred downstream in stacks via the belt. Other devices require an operator to physically eject the stacks. In some paper bag making machines, the rack part is responsible for discharging each bag into the next device. It may be driven by a servo motor.


It is the segment of the paper bag making machinery in which the punctures on the paper bags introduce holes onto the bag. Perforations on the shaft and handle are the two most common types. You may also notice holes or punctures between feeder sections. In addition to the hoe/handle punctures, we mentioned that there are additional accessories. The positions of the accessories depending on their functions are also determined by the type of accessories, such as zippers, tamper-proof sealers, etc.


Another crucial part of the device is the gluing section. Paper bag making machines typically have it at the back end. A combination of valves spreads an adhesive evenly onto the bottom ends of each paper bag at the gluing sections. There are standard parts of a paper bag machine.

Since we are the best manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of paper bag making machines in India, we are proud to state that our square bottom paper bag machines use great technology to make as many paper bags as you want in a very short timeframe. These bags have a high quality, and their durability and reliability enable them to be used for a long period of time.


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