Waste Disposal Machine


Waste disposal machines are becoming more and more popular now a days. It’s because the amount of wastes in our cities and rural areas are increasing every day. So the usage of such waste disposal machines are enhancing today. So we powertek provide the best waste disposal machines in Kerala and anywhere in India. We are the top waste disposal machines suppliers to our customers.

Only one piece of paper can do more with this problem.
Be independent in waste disposal with powertek incinerators.
our incinerators is total solution for solid waste (Dry ∓ Wet) disposal with low cost, no fuel costs and no extra energy with no accidents


Volume :3.5 CFT TO 60 CFT
Capacity :5 Kg to 100 Kg
Body :M.S

Incinerator is complete waste disposer with Scrubbers, Burners, Blowers and Chimminey designed as per customer requirement

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