Paper Plate machine

The usage of paper plates are increasing day by day. This is the reason for increasing paper plate machine manufacturers in Kerala. So the paper plate and paper product machine manufacturers have huge demand in India. Fully automatic Paper plate making Machine, paper plate die size dia 12″/14″/16″ Paper plate die with auto self cut, auto paper reel feeder up to 3 roll (recommended) and required power 2HP/ Single phase (230V AC) power pack oil tank volume 40 liters power pack working pressure 100Kg/cm2 paper plate die temperature 35 Deg C(can be adjustable) paper plate machine operating Semi-automatic, Emergency stop, production per 1 hour power 2200 plates per 1 unit, Paper plate machine working pressure capacity 5 tons and machine 450 Kg (Approx.) with digital controlled monitor.  

PWT JBZ DP 12 paper plate forming machine

paper plate

The Hydraulic Paper plate making machine with two workstations needs two persons for production and manual feeding and is very easy to operate. It can adopt different size of plates at the same time in the same machine. Being robust in design and manufactured fully in our manuafacturing facility in india it requires very little maintenance.

PWT JBZ P1 paper plate forming machine

paper platee

  The Hydraulic paper plate Making machine with one work station needs only one person for production and feeding and is very easy to operate. It can adopt different sizes of plate at the same time in the same machine, for convenience of operation. It is robust in design, requires very little maintanence and is fully Made in India at our manufacturing facility

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