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May 18, 2022

How to Start Paper Bags Making Business?

Paper Bags Machine -Possibilities of the Paper Bags Making Businesses in India

As pollution and toxicity levels rise in the environment, eco-friendly products have become a necessity. Plastic usage, which causes disastrous environmental issues, is finally being discouraged by governments and companies around the world. People are discussing the possibility of paper bags after this has given way to paper bags making businesses using paper bags machine. How to start a paper bag business? The popularity of paper bags and paper bags making machines is on the rise because of their recyclable and sustainable properties in nearly every industry.

Considering the high demand for paper bags in the market, paper bag manufacturing using paper bags making machine is one of the most viable manufacturing business ideas today. These days, a large number of businesses are using paper bags instead of plastic bags for their packaging needs. Entrepreneurs contemplating small manufacturing business ideas should consider paper bag manufacturing using paper bags machine as it requires minimal capital investment.  Businesses need to invest in paper bag production now that many local governments are banning the use of plastic bags.

Making paper bags on a small scale is a simple business that requires a small investment. Equipment, land, and labour are necessary for the business to be successful. Paper bags making machine price  will cost between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 8 lakh to buy a fully automatic machine for paper bags. Production capacity determines the price. A fully automatic paper bags machine is capable of producing around 15,000 bags per hour. Alternatively, a semi-automatic paper bags making machine which costs less than Rs 3 lakh is also available. You will need to depend more on labour than with an automatic paper bags machine, as its production capacity is lower. Prices are around Rs 50,000 for the manual type machine for paper bags. The right quantity of all raw materials is necessary for a smooth production process. In the paper bags making industry, raw materials include Kraft Paper sheets (made from wood fibres), Paper rolls in various colours including white, Ink, Eyelets, Laces and Tags, Polyester Stereo, Glue, Handles, and Printing Chemicals.

Paper bags can be used for various purposes in industry such as for packing food items and groceries, as medicine covers, shopping bags, paper bags specially for industrial uses etc. Powertek Enterprises, the number one paper bag machine manufacturer in Kerala,  introduces top-notch paper bags making machines for the most ideal and profitable business that the market has ever experienced. It is actually the need of the hour to protect the environment and we have to look for the environment-friendly options for a sustainable future. When we discuss the possibilities of paper bags making businesses, the need for the pharmacy covers/ medicine covers have shot up in recent times and this gives an added advantage to choose the paper bags making business. Kerala is one of the states in India which uses a high number of paper medicine covers in pharmacies and hospitals. Pharmacy Paper Bag/ medicine cover making business can be started with a very low investment with small space requirements. Both central and state governments provide necessary support and guidance to start this sort of small scale business with 35 to 45% subsidy on loans. Raw materials for starting the paper bags making business available in the market in the form of paper rolls. All other work in manufacturing a paper bag is fully automated and done in the paper bags machine. The initial investment or the paper bags making machine price for this medicine cover/ paper bag making business starts from 3 lakhs. The production capacity will be 1.5 lakhs paper pharmacy cover /day and a single operator can operate the paper bags making machine independently. Daily estimated profit from the medicine cover making business is approximately 2000 per day. We can also market these paper pharmacy bags to hospitals and pharmacies.

Making paper bags using paper bags making machine can actually be a very profitable business if all these measures are taken at the right time. There are a lot of interesting prospects in this paper bags making business, and the output, which is paper bags, is in demand right now and is only going to increase. Making paper bags or owning paper bags making machines does not require large investments, a lot of land space, or complex machinery, so it is accessible to anyone. If you have enough space and research properly, you can start your business at home as well. Do not hesitate to invest time and energy into starting your own paper bags making business using a paper bags machine.


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