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September 16, 2022

Is it Possible to Make a Business Successful in Kerala?

Is it Possible to Make a Business Successful in Kerala?

Success in the manufacturing industry is a function of how well a company can produce quality products and services that are competitively priced. This article is to explain how Powertek Enterprise as a Machine manufacturing company became successful in Kerala. There are questions from people and they are eager to know about Kerala Small Business Ideas and its challenges. Powertek as a successful Machine Manufacturing company has learned to focus on Customers and providing advises to aspiring small and medium scale manufacturers. We have developed lean manufacturing techniques, which helps our customers to streamline their production process, reduce waste and improve quality.

Industrial Machine Manufacturing Business – What is the Industry Overview?

Powertek Enterprise has been around in Kerala for quite some time. Our twelve years of experience has made us innovative in Industrial machine manufacturing providing products and service to medium and small-scale business. The Industrial Machine Manufacturing Industry is booming with new innovations and technologies that are making it easier to manufacture goods faster than ever before. There are many different types of machinery that are used in this type of business including Paper bag making machine, tile paving machine and hollow block machine among others as part of the kerala’s small business ideas.

We always focused on Quality and Service of the machines we provide. This has made us the Best Industrial Supporting Brand winner for 2021.

Challenges Faced and How we made it Successful:

We started our business in a village Pattazhy in Pathanamthitta district. We have been in the field of Industrial Machine manufacturing for more than twelve years and we are now the SMEs in Machinery. We were awarded for the Best Industrial supporting Brand for the year 2021. We have come across a long path and it was not an easy task.
In the initial stages we had to face many challenges. The main challenge we faced in the initial stage was the questions from the buyers. Questions like What is the brand? Where does powertek deliver the machines? Warranty provided and spare parts availability and many more. We answered all our customer queries through digital marketing platforms and gained their trust.
Gaining trust increased our brand value and business. The sudden spike in business made it difficult to meet the demand of customers. To meet the demand and delivery of machines we started our own manufacturing unit with 4000 sq. feet in Pattazhy Kerala. Later our business expanded outside of kerala and to meet the demands of customers we later started a new plant in Coimbatore. We expanded our staff and started a new office in Kottarakara to provide better service to our customers.
We provide unconditional service to all our buyers with spare parts and after sale business. We provide training for technically qualified people with industrial machinery. Customers who buy Machines from Powertek don’t need to worry about hiring technical staff to operate the machines. Qualified technicians will be provided by Powertek Itself.
All the expansion happened to provide better service and machines since the requirement has increased strategically. We started providing training, Live demo and quality check of machines in the plant itself. This helps to gain trust of customers, besides the live demo of machines increased the loyalty and brand value of Powertek among customers.
The Covid Pandemic has made people think differently. Now more people want to start new businesses. Many are starting new businesses using Industrial machinery. The huge increase in industrial machinery demand led Powertek to provide franchises for those who wish to start Industrial machinery business. Any person can contact Powertek to buy the Industrial Machinery franchise. This not only helps people who wish to start a business but also helps to create more job opportunities for qualified people.
Kerala has great potential for Industrial Machinery. Our twelve year journey and Powertek’s growth is the proven example for the demand of Industrial Machinery. Those who wish to know more about Industrial Machinery business can always contact Powertek Enterprise for assistance.

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