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December 1, 2021

Do you want to recover your dreams from the tentacles of COVID 19?

Let’s Start Tomorrow’s Business from Today itself!  Paper Bag Making Business

By 25% to 40% of the Investment with the Governmental Subsidy

Why Paper Bag Making Business?

Paper bags are the real future bags. We know that the world has abandoned plastic in the realization of the hazardous effects of using plastic bags and products. Plastic is also banned in India. But the shops, hotels, supermarkets and medical shops need millions of bags every day for their businesses. And here starts the possibility of paper bags making business in today’s industries.

How to start paper bag business?

Anyone can easily start and flourish paper bag making  business using the paper bag making machines. You could start your business even like small scale startups in a 500 sq.ft plot with two workers at very little start up cost. No special skills are required to operate these paper bag machines.

We categorize the paper bag manufacturing machines into three and you can opt your machine

according to your marketing potential.

  1. Manual or Semi-Automatic Machine (at low cost)
  2. Shopping Bag Machine (machines that can manufacture the bags commonly used in shops)
  3. Deluxe Machine (machines that can manufacture the paper bags of all kinds)

Governmental Subsidy and Loans

Under the Central Government scheme, 25 to 40 per cent of the investment will be subsidized. As it is such a lucrative project, you can also get a bank loan very quickly. Our staff will be at your call with all the technical assistance and suggestions for the customer support.

When will you get the profit?

Today there is a wide market for paper bags and there will always be endless demand.

Suppose the price of one paper bag is 10 rupees, and if you sell 50 paper bags  for 10 rupees each : 500 INR

If 500 paper bags are made per day: Income 5000 INR

Cost of productions:

Wages( for 2 workers)* 700 = 1400 INR

Power: 800 INR

Total: 2200 INR

Profit per day: 2800 INR

You will be advised, assisted and accompanied on the paper bag making business by our experienced staff with precise and adequate instructions from planning to the implementation.

Let’s Begin this New Chapter As a Successful Entrepreneur!

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