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October 20, 2022

Hollow Bricks Manufacturing Process

Hollow Bricks -Hollow Block Machine Price

Several advantages make cement concrete dense/ hollow bricks and hollow blocks popular and extensively used in building construction across the country, including durability, strength, fire resistance, insulation, and sound absorption. Despite their attractive appearance, hollow blocks are easily adaptable to any type of architecture. Different types of machines for hollow blocks are available in the market and the hollow blocks machine price varies according to the specifications. Hollow bricks are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces on both exterior and interior walls. Besides being used for load-bearing walls, the hollow blocks can also be used for non-load-bearing walls. In masonry, these blocks are composed of stone chips. Compared to burnt brick masonry, hollow blocks save cement, steel, time, and labour. As a result, the cost of construction is significantly reduced, when compared to the hollow blocks machine price.

Generally, hollow bricks are used in the construction of houses, buildings, and compound walls. It is possible to meet the quality of your products based on the technology and production technique you use. Hollow blocks machine price varies in terms of this technology and production technique, mainly based on convenience. The raw materials used to make hollow bricks include m sand, baby metal, and cement. It has been explained in detail in this article how to manufacture hollow bricks and the types of hollow blocks machine detailing on the hollow blocks machine price.

The manufacturing process of cement concrete hollow bricks involves 5 stages:








Proportioning is the process of determining the appropriate amount of raw materials required in order to produce hollow bricks of a desired quality under specific mixing, placing, and curing conditions. Concrete mixes used to make hollow blocks should have a combined aggregate content no greater than six parts per one part portland cement, according to Indian Standard specifications. Taking this ratio into account as a weight ratio, it may average out to 1:7 and mix the raw materials in a mixer for the perfect proportions. In some cases, however, manufacturers use a lean mix of up to 1:9 when a power-operated vibrating hollow blocks machine compacts hollow bricks. The water-cement ratio for concrete hollow bricks is 0.62 by weight.


In order to ensure complete coverage of aggregates, cement and water must be thoroughly mixed. A concrete mixer, a separate part of hollow blocks machines, which rotates for about  1 ½ minutes, gathers all the raw materials, including water. It takes 30 minutes to consume the prepared mix after it is discharged from the mixer in order to make hollow bricks.


When concrete for making hollow bricks is compacted, it fills all air pockets without allowing free water to move through it. If the hollow bricks are over compacted, it will form pockets of water or layers of high-water content, which could result in poor product quality. Making cement concrete hollow blocks is commonly done on semi-automatic vibrating table hollow blocks machines. Hollow blocks machine has a vibrating platform on which a wooden pallet is held. In order to lower the mould box onto the pallet, it is lifted up. Pouring the concrete mix into the mould and levelling it evenly is the first step. Approximately 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inches of concrete settle down the mould due to the motorised vibration. After that, the mould level is raked with more concrete. To remove the levelled material, the stripper head is placed over the mould.

Concrete falls to its limited position when it vibrates. With the help of a lever, the mould box is lifted. This process is repeated with a new pallet placed after the moulded hollow bricks have been removed from the pallet. There are interchangeable moulds available for producing hollow or solid blocks of different sizes on the hollow blocks machine. Hollow bricks machine price will differ when we purchase the different sizes of interchangeable moulds along with the machine.


In order to prevent damage to the hollow bricks once they are removed from the mould, they are stored until they are sufficiently hardened. The process may take about 24 hours if the shelter is away from the sun and the wind. A curing yard then cures the hollow bricks for at least 21 days to prevent full miniaturization. It is better to allow the hollow bricks to cure for a longer period of time.


With the loss of moisture, concrete shrinks slightly. Consequently, after a hollow block has cured, it is vital that it is allowed to slowly dry out in the shade. Before they are used in construction, the shrinkage process of the hollow bricks will be completed. As a result of the hollow nature of the blocks, the cavities of the hollow bricks are stacked horizontally so that the air can pass through them thoroughly. Drying the hollow bricks for 7 to 15 days will complete their initial shrinkage when they are at an appropriate level of dryness. Once this is completed, the hollow bricks are ready to be used in construction.

hollow blocks making machine

Since hollow bricks have become more in demand over the past few years, it is imperative to streamline the manufacturing process. Hollow bricks can be produced by our hollow blocks machine more quickly than they could by hand. As a result, labor costs are reduced and efficiency is increased. Powertek enterprises offer two types of hollow blocks machines.

Hydraulic hollow block machines: The machines produce hollow bricks by using hydraulic pressure. Since hydraulic hollow blocks machine price is cheaper and easier to operate, they are more popular.

Pneumatic Hollow Block Machines: The machines use compressed air to produce hollow bricks. Pneumatic hollow blocks machine price is usually higher than hydraulic hollow blocks machine price, but they have a longer lifespan.

PowerTek Enterprise has a successful track record of over 20 years with state-of-the-art machinery that will make you a successful entrepreneur. We have been top in the industrial machine industry and are known for our innovative steps in small and medium-scale business ventures. Our company is extremely proud of its achievements in helping small and medium businesses expand their business horizons. Manufacturing hollow bricks or cement bricks with an ideal hollow blocks machine is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. As the building and construction industry grows, the global concrete hollow block and brick manufacturing market is expected to grow as well. Powertek offers different types of hollow blocks machine price ranging approximately from 4 lakh to 6 lakh. The demand for concrete hollow blocks, paving blocks, and hollow blocks machines are being fuelled by the requirement for new housing units to meet the residential needs of emerging countries’ rising populations.



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