High Density Hydraulic Operated Paving Block Machine

This machine is used to make high density paving blocks. This machine eliminates the need of wooden pallets. The adjustable Height is 2 to 4.

No of Operations: 4Nos per Stroke - 40 -50 - per Hours.
Cylinder : Manufactured Specially Alloyed Steel
Pressing Ton Capacity : 75 to 100 Tons
Motor : 7.5 HP 3 Phase 1440 RPM and 0.5 HP
Air Cooling Motor
Hydraulic Oil : 68 Grade
Total Weight : 2.5 Ton (App)

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Hydraulic Operared
concrete block making machine 1060 P

The PWT 1060 is an egg laying type hydraulically operated Concrete Block making machine on wheels will lay the block on the concreate floor and move to the next laying space. This machine can be fitted with Single Vibrator (1.5 Hp), Double Vibrator (3Hp).

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